2017 Course Offerings - Non Conference Courses

OTOA Basic SWAT / Tactical Operator School  - 40 Hours


This school is designed for individuals who have recently been assigned to SWAT and who have not received basic SWAT training / Or Tactically minded Officers whose Departments feel having this skill set would enhance their Departments Capabilities. Students will be introduced to basic SWAT tactics and techniques which include, but are not limited to: historical overview of SWAT, team organization and structure, resolution of barricaded suspect situations, covert individual and team movement, structure searches and room clearing, warrant service and multiple field training exercises. Student will also be exposed to basic safe weapons handling and live fire application of mission specific weapons in a Team and Close Quarters environment. This is a hands-on school where students practice tactics and techniques in the field.

Student Equipment Needs: Contact us with questions - training@otoa.org 

  • All Ballistic Protection issued by your department - Mandatory
  • Primary Weapon System ( long gun) with three (3) mags minimum
  • Secondary Weapon System (pistol) with three (3) mags minimum
  • 400 rds For EACH weapon system - NO GREEN TIP or ARMOR PIERCING AMMO 
  • Gas Mask & Filter
  • ANY / ALL EQUIPMENT for a call out or SWAT / SRT activation
  • Eye Protection / Ear Protection
  • Simunition weapons or adaptors or UTM weapons or adaptors. Ammunition for Sim or UTM - Contact OTOA if you need to rent Simunition or UTM weaponry or buy ammunition for Simunition or UTM. *email - training@otoa.org 

Optional Equipment: 

  • Breaching Equipment - Rams, pry tools, etc
  • Ballistic Shields
  • Mirrors
  • Robotics 

Other helpful equipment includes sun block, a notepad with writing utensil, and change of clothes.   If you are allergic to bees or other outdoor plants or animals please bring your epinephrine pen or other medication. Prepare to bring whatever you would take on a SWAT Mission or Call Out. 


 OTOA Basic Sniper School  - 40 Hours


This course is intended to provide the new sniper/observer with a base of training to make that person operational. Topics that will be covered include sniper marksmanship training, intelligence gathering and reporting, field craft, data collection and practical scenarios. The course is based on an eight-hour training day and will be conducted regardless of weather. However, we train to standard, not time, so be prepared to train beyond an eight-hour workday. Students must pass the FBI Sniper Qualification Exam, OPOTA Qualification Exam, and a written exam to successfully complete the course.

Student Equipment Needs:


  • Issued Sniper Weapons System
  • All Callout Gear to include Chemical Mask
  • 400 Rounds of Match Grade Ammunition
  • Camouflage Uniform
  • Weapon Cleaning Materials
  • Canteens or Hydration system
  • Rain Gear

    Optional Equipment:


  • Data Book or Data PDA or Data Computer or Data Phone App
  • Spotting Scope
  • Pruning Shears
  • Shooting Mat
  • Ghillie Suit


Other helpful equipment includes a lawn chair, bug spray, sun block, a notepad with writing utensil, and change of clothes. We may get muddy. There will be a stalk involved in the class. If you are allergic to bees or other outdoor plants or animals please bring your epinephrine pen or other medication. Prepare to bring whatever you would take on a barricade call out as a sniper.


OTOA Self - Aid / Partner Aid - 8 hours


Sponsored by Nationwide Insurance
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Course Description: Police agencies across the United States are training and equipping their officers to respond to traumatic injuries prior to EMS response. Officers throughout the country, and many in the State of Ohio, have been credited with saving a victim's life by providing initial medical treatment to wounds suffered from gunshots, MVA's, industrial accidents, and other traumatic injuries. In direct partnership with Nationwide Insurance, the OTOA's Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid Course will train and prepare Ohio's first responders in the appropriate treatment of traumatic injuries commonly seen in law enforcement.

The course teaches vital, lifesaving skills through lecture, skills stations and hyper-realistic training scenarios. After the initial lecture portion, the remainder of the day is all hands-on learning. Students will get dirty, "bloody" and get their new skills tested in scenarios designed to get them confident in providing initial trauma care. Many of our students have been called to scenes and applied these skills within weeks of attending the course. The specific skills are listed below.

  • Tourniquet Application
  • Proximal Pressure
  • Deep Wound Packing
  • Pressure Dressing Application
  • Chest Wound Management/Chest Seals
  • Shock Treatment
  • M-A-R-C-H Assessment

Students WILL GET DIRTY/"BLOODY", so dress appropriately.

Student Equipment Needs: Note taking materials, We highly recommend your agency "uniform of the day" to facilitate training in the apparel and gear you use in your assignment. 

NO LOADED WEAPONS IN CLASS. The OTOA highly recommends packing a lunch and bring water, etc. 

Questions: Contact OTOA Training at: jim.hardman@otoa.org

The OTOA is looking for agencies to host this course

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    Youngstown, Ohio - November 17, 2017

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 Marysville, Ohio - November 30, 2017

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*Every course attendee will be issued a CAT Tourniquet and a Kydex Eleven-10 CAT Tourniquet Belt Holder/Holster a $100.00 value. 
Paid for by our gracious sponsor - Nationwide Insurance

OTOA Lock Picking / Covert Lock Bypass  - 8 Hours


This is a one-day (8 Hour), hands-on-intensive training program that focuses on gaining entry by such methods as lock picking and lock bypassing. This course is of benefit to any patrol officers, tactical operators, investigators, probation officers, conservation officers as well as specialized military units.

 The Covert Lock Picking course teaches specialized methods for gaining entry into a variety of secured structures as well as everyday applications such as padlocked gates, fire safes, desks, file cabinets, strongboxes, and vehicles. The course focuses on practical methods of gaining entry and details techniques on lock picking lock bypassing and defeating advanced locking technologies such as magnetic door locks, "high-security" locks, and electronic access gates.

 Real World Applications:

 *Search & Arrest Warrants
*Welfare Checks
*Tactical Operations
*Probation Checks
*Vehicle Searches
*Unsecured Businesses & Residence
*Conservation Checks
*Surveillance Positioning
*Situations Where Suspects "Lost the Key"

 *Each Student will receive a basic lock picking kit - a $100.00 Value




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