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The OTOA does NOT teach one specific "tactic", we apply principles. Tactical Officers will be instructed that the mission will drive the "tactic". Everything in the world of the tactical operator is built on principles; sound principles develop into good tactics. Our goal is to send our graduates back to your team with the knowledge and foundation of the established principles of the OTOA and NTOA. We do not waste valuable training hours with PT. We will set the groundwork to master the basics. 

This school is designed for individuals who have recently been assigned to SWAT and who have not received basic SWAT training / Or Tactically minded Officers whose Departments feel having this skill set would enhance their Departments Capabilities. Students will be introduced to basic SWAT tactics and techniques which include, but are not limited to: historical overview of SWAT, team organization and structure, resolution of barricaded suspect situations, covert individual and team movement, structure searches and room clearing, warrant service and multiple field training exercises. Student will also be exposed to Basic safe weapons handling and live fire application of mission specific weapons in a Team and Close Quarters environment. This is a hands-on school where students practice tactics and techniques in the field.


*This class is designed to get as much information and basic tactics introduced to you in one week. Come fully prepared to work hard and open your mind to tactics and techniques that may be new to you.

Do not expect scheduled breaks or lunches. Drink when you’re thirsty, eat when you’re hungry. Expect the training staff to challenge you.

A full equipment list, daily training outline and all course information will be provided in an email attachment to each student when they register 

Student Equipment Needs: Contact us with questions - training@otoa.org

  • All Ballistic Protection issued by your department - Mandatory
  • Primary Weapon System ( long gun) with three (3) mags minimum
  • Secondary Weapon System (pistol) with three (3) mags minimum
  • 400 rds For EACH weapon system - NO GREEN TIP or ARMOR PIERCING AMMO 
  • Gas Mask & Filter
  • ANY / ALL EQUIPMENT for a call out or SWAT / SRT activation
  • Eye Protection / Ear Protection
  • Simunition weapons or adaptors or UTM weapons or adaptors. Ammunition for Sim or UTM - Contact OTOA if you need to rent Simunition or UTM weaponry or buy ammunition for Simunition or UTM. *email - training@otoa.org

Optional Equipment:

  • Breaching Equipment - Rams, pry tools, etc
  • Ballistic Shields
  • Mirrors
  • Robotics

Other helpful equipment includes sun block, a notepad with writing utensil, and change of clothes.   If you are allergic to bees or other outdoor plants or animals please bring your epinephrine pen or other medication. Prepare to bring whatever you would take on a SWAT Mission or Call Out.


QUESTIONS: Send an email to: training @otoa.org

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