Conference Instructor Invitation

On behalf of the Ohio Tactical Officers Association, I would like to extend this formal invitation for you to instruct a training course at the 2018 OTOA annual training conference.

The 2018 OTOA annual training conference is scheduled for June 4-8, 2018 at Kalahari Resorts and Convention Center in Sandusky, Ohio

The OTOA's annual training conference has grown into a premier training event.  Attendance numbers for this event are unmatched by almost all similar training events across the nation. The success of the OTOA training conference is in large part due to instructors and presenters of your caliber providing unparalleled, lifesaving training to law enforcement and first responders. The 2017 OTOA training conference trained over 1,200 officers from Ohio, numerous other states and Canada.

John Chapman is the newly appointed OTOA director of training. Jim Hardman is the OTOA training operations manager.  Chappy and Jim are dedicated to ensuring that your OTOA training conference experience will be a positive and rewarding one.

Jim has been tasked with many aspects of the annual OTOA conference training.  His oversight responsibilities include, logistics, scheduling, venues and instructor needs.  Jim will be your primary point of contact for all pre-conference needs.

OTOA conference instructor and staff information has been posted on the OTOA website (  On the main page of the website, look for the link titled, “INFORMATION LINKS CONFERENCE INSTRUCTOR”, in the  navigation on the right side. Within this link you will find information that will assist you, and hopefully answer any questions you may have regarding your OTOA training conference staff instructor experience.

Chappy and Jim are always available by cell phone or email with any questions that are not answered in the aforementioned website links.John “Chappy”, (831) 236-4690. Jim Hardman:, (937) 219-8784.

In closing, I would like to personally thank you for the time you have taken away from your business and your family to serve us in Ohio.

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Patrick Fiorilli
President / Executive Director

Ohio Tactical Officers Association, Inc.

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