Frequently Asked Questions ?

Q - "I registered for the Conference and I don't have email confirmations for ALL of the classes I signed up for. What now?"
A -  No email confirmations - No classes. The system automatically generates a confirmation email and sends it to the email address that is listed for the conference attendee. If you received an email confirmation for the 2017 OTOA Conference June 5-9, 2017 and are missing email confirmations for classes you believe you signed up for, you ARE NOT registered for the class and we will have no record of you being a student of that class.
Solution - send an email to: and explain the problem.

Q - "Why can't I sign up mutliple people for this conference using my username and password?"
A - INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATIONS are mandatory for several reasons.
1) Every conference attendee is provided an OTOA membership.
2) Each membership comes with a unique username and password that allows the member to access the secured pages of the webiste.
3) ALL conference training certificates are stored and archived in EACH INDIVIDUAL member admin panel.
Solution - Every OTOA Conference attendee MUST be signed in using their individual username and password. NO MEMBER LOG IN - NO TRAINING CERTIFICATES
*If you are registering another person - USE THEIR USERNAME AND PASSWORD and sign in for them. 


Q - "Why can't I locate any of my training course certificates in my member profile?"
A - The likley answer is - When you were registered for the conference, your username and password was not used to register you. What commonly happens is: Someone registered you and DID NOT FOLLOW the instructions. This individual used their info to log in then registered you.
Solution - Every OTOA Conference attendee MUST be signed in using their individual username and password. NO MEMBER LOG IN - NO TRAINING CERTIFICATES
Send an email to: and provide your full name, email and the class certificate you are looking for 


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