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This program is designed to provide law enforcement product manufacturers with a process by which their products can be field-tested by the law enforcement community. The program will assist the law enforcement community by publishing the tester’s results on a given product. Tested Program field test results do not constitute an endorsement of any product on the part of OTOA as an organization or entity. The Member Tested & Approved Program reports information obtained from individuals engaged in law enforcement activities. OTOA as an organization does not independently verify the information submitted by field testers nor does OTOA verify the representations and warranties of product manufacturers.


As a Field Tester you are required to test the product according to these rules and guidelines as well as complete the “MTAP Evaluation Form” within 45 days of receiving the product. Products will be tested and scored on a scale of 0 to 5 in 12 possible categories.

Using the scores given, an average will be taken of each category by the 2 to 4 testers’ ratings.

Products will be tested by at least two field testers to ensure a fair test. If a product has a very specific use, manufacturers will indicate the use so we can properly place the product with a field tester.


You are not permitted or required to test the breaking point of the product. You may NOT preform any tests, such as running it over with an armored vehicle, to see if the product will break. Preform all tests with the idea that the product must go back to the manufacturer.

A product must have the ability to be rated in at least six (6) categories. In addition to the numerical rating, a short written description identifying the advantages and disadvantages of the product must be submitted with the “MTAP Evaluation Form”.


Products that earn a rating of 3.0 to 4.9 will receive OTOA Field Tester Recommended Status and be allowed to attach the Black OTOA Member Tested & Approved Logo to product materials.

Products that earn a rating of 5.0 or perfect will receive OTOA Field Tester Recommended Status and be allowed to attach the Gold OTOA Member Tested & Approved Logo to product materials.

Products that score lower than 3.0 will not receive approval. Test results will be sent to the manufacturer with design recommendations in hopes that improvements can be made to the product.


Project Manager: Chris Johnson    216-870-7747



Ohio Tactical Officers Association

Tested & Approved Program

  • Manufacturer 

  • Product Name
  • Tester’s Name
  • Application
  • Date of Test 

  • Overall Rating 

Rating Scale:

5 - Excellent: A product that performs at a level above advertised specifications, demonstrates its usefulness, and quality of workmanship.

4 - Very Good: A product that exceeds advertised specifications on a regular basis and outperforms others in usefulness and quality of workmanship.

3 - Average: A product the meets minimum advertised specifications, has practical use, but does not go above or beyond the scope of quality or usefulness that is expected.

2 - Fair: A product that has occasional applications and in some situations meets advertised specifications, but overall is not effective.

1 - Poor: A product that does not meet minimum advertised specifications needed to make the product useful, product does meet any of its practical purposes.



Excellent (5)

Very Good (4)

Average (3)

Fair (2)

Poor (1)









Ease of Use






Application for LE




Comfort & Durability








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