OTOA Basic Sniper Description


This course is intended to provide the new sniper/observer with a base of training to make that person operational. Topics that will be covered include sniper marksmanship training, intelligence gathering and reporting, field craft, data collection and practical scenarios. The course is based on an eight-hour training day and will be conducted regardless of weather. However, we train to standard, not time, so be prepared to train beyond an eight-hour workday. Students must pass the FBI Sniper Qualification Exam, OPOTA Qualification Exam, and a written exam to successfully complete the course.

Student Equipment Needs:

  • Issued Sniper Weapons System
  • All Callout Gear to include Chemical Mask
  • 400 Rounds of Match Grade Ammunition
  • Camouflage Uniform
  • Weapon Cleaning Materials
  • Canteens or Hydration system
  • Rain Gear

Optional Equipment:

  • Data Book or Data PDA or Data Computer or Data Phone App
  • Spotting Scope
  • Pruning Shears
  • Shooting Mat
  • Ghillie Suit

Other helpful equipment includes a lawn chair, bug spray, sun block, a notepad with writing utensil, and change of clothes. We may get muddy. There will be a stalk involved in the class. If you are allergic to bees or other outdoor plants or animals please bring your epinephrine pen or other medication. Prepare to bring whatever you would take on a barricade call out as a sniper.

If you have ANY questions regarding this course, send an email to:  training@otoa.org

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