OTOA MTAP Policies & Procedures

OTOA Member Tested & Approved Program (MTAP)

Policies and Procedures


The Ohio Tactical Officers Association Member Tested & Approved Program (MTAP) is designed to establish partnerships with a large group of quality, preferred companies in order to allow our members to examine a range of often lifesaving products that we have tested. The program will target current sponsors and vendors but will also grow to incorporate and promote new companies to join our cause either through being a sponsor, vendor, or member. Products will be tested by OTOA designated Field Testers.

This program is designed to provide law enforcement product manufacturers with a process by which their products can be field-tested by the law enforcement community. The program will assist the law enforcement community by publishing the tester’s results on a given product. Tested Program field test results do not constitute an endorsement of any product on the part of OTOA as an organization or entity. The Member Tested & Approved Program reports information obtained from individuals engaged in law enforcement activities. OTOA as an organization does not independently verify the information submitted by field testers nor does OTOA verify the representations and warranties of product manufacturers.


  •                     Companies and Manufacturers will send us products along with the “Product Submission Form” and the “Product Submission Agreement” to be tested. Depending on the product, we may not be able to keep the products.
  •                     The products will be distributed to designate field testers to test the item according to our policies and procedures, and complete the “MTAP Evaluation Form”.
  •                     The products will NOT be returned to the sender but we send a complete write up of the product. The product will be added to one of our training trailers. Some items will however need to be returned.
  •                     Products will receive one of three ratings: no pass, 3.0 to 4.9, or a perfect 5.0.
  •                     Passing results from the test will be advertised and promoted through a specific section of our website, social media, and permitted to attach our MTAP Logo to their product. 

Areas of Focus

Proposal / Presentation               

The OTOA Project Manager Chris Johnson will solicit via email, phone, or in person to have manufactures submit product to the program.

Other OTOA Staff are welcome to advertise and solicit the program as well but Chris Johnson must be kept in the loop for he is the only person receiving and distributing the products.

A manufacturer will provide the MTAP with 2-4 samples of a product along with the “Product Submission Form” and the “Product Submission Agreement”.

All manufacturers must send a photo of the item to be included in the Product Review Online Database. The photo must be a high-res photo of 300 dpi or better and be sent via e-mail to tested-approved@otoa.org.

Products will not be returned to the company.


All items will be shipped to:

Ohio Tactical Officers Association

Member Tested & Approved

12650 Detroit Ave.

Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Once product is received the Marketing Director will document it.


The OTOA Member Tested & Approved Program will permit approved products to carry either the 3.0-4.9 rating logo or the gold 5.0 rating logo on product packaging. Logo will also be displayed on your table at the OTOA Vendor Show at the annual Training Conference.

The advertising will take place on the designated page of the OTOA website as well as on the OTOA Facebook Page and other social media if applicable.

Testing The OTOA Tested & Approved Program Board Consisting of the President, Marketing Director, and the Project Manager will determine a list of Field Testers.

Field Testers will be determined by location and application of product being tested.

The same group of field testers will not always be the ones testing the products. Products may be sent or held for an upcoming School or Class in which the product can be tested.

Field testers will be required to test the product according to rules and guidelines as well as complete the “MTAP Evaluation Form” within 45 days of receiving the product. Products will be tested and scored on a scale of 0 to 5 in 12 possible categories.

Using the scores given, an average will be taken of each category by the 2 to 4 testers’ ratings.

Products will be tested by at least two field testers to ensure a fair test. If a product has a very specific use, manufacturers must indicate the use so we can properly place the product with a field tester.

Results A product must have the ability to be rated in at least six (6) categories. In addition to the numerical rating, a short written description identifying the advantages and disadvantages of the product must be submitted with the “MTAP Evaluation Form”.

Products that earn a rating of 3.0 to 4.9 will receive OTOA Field Tester Recommended Status and be allowed to attach the Black OTOA Member Tested & Approved Logo to product materials.

Products that earn a rating of 5.0 or perfect will receive OTOA Field Tester Recommended Status and be allowed to attach the Gold OTOA Member Tested & Approved Logo to product materials.

Products that score lower than 3.0 will not receive approval. Test results will be sent to the manufacturer with design recommendations in hopes that improvements can be made to the product.

Shipping If a product needs to be returned to the manufacturer, said manufacturer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Test results will be announced on the OTOA website as well as on the OTOA Facebook Page and other social media if applicable.


A follow-up will be performed with both the manufacturer who provided the products to be tested as well as the Field Testers.

Products can be resubmitted to the program. There is no guaranty of a particular rating upon submission – OTOA does not control the comments of the field testers.

If a product is resubmitted, all efforts will be made to place the product with the original Field Testers to perform a new test.


If a manufacturer wishes to have a product returned, field testers will not be told of the return to influence the testing preformed on the product.  

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