OTOA Training Course Worksheet

Please review the information below.

The OTOA requires specific information BEFORE a training course can be advertised

Event Title: Example - HRT Planning Considerations

Full description of the class: Basically, a description that will entice someone to attend your class

Class Hours: 1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour, 8 hour, 16 hour, 24 hour 

Day & Date:  Example – Monday June 4, 2018, etc.

Class Capacity: Max amount of students you can take in this class

Student Equipment Needs: What do the students need to bring (guns, ammo, pens, paper, gear, etc.?) If you don’t tell them they will not bring it

Instructor Needs: What does the instructor need: Power Point Projector, Speakers, Grease board, Firing Range, distances, targets, supplies, Role Players? – How many? etc.  – If you don’t tell us, we cannot provide what you need.

Primary Instructor Bio & Head Shot Picture: A short bio of the lead/primary/ instructor.
*Please email a HIGH RESOLUTION picture of primary instructor (head shot) to
jim.hardman@otoa.org . (low res pics are too grainy for the conference brochure and advertisements)

Instructor name, phone number and email: Simple enough. We need this to contact the instructors and to add to our database. We need info for ALL instructors attending. No name, no hotel room or reimbursement.

CLICK HERE for the OTOA Training Course Worksheet

DOWNLOAD the OTOA Training Course Worksheet to your computer. Once you complete the form, "save as" the title of your class.

Email the completed form to Jim Hardman – jim.hardman@otoa.org

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