OTOA Vendor Showcase Program


Policies and Procedures


The Ohio Tactical Officers Association Vendor Showcase is to establish partnerships with a large group of quality, preferred companies in order to allow our members to examine a range of often life saving products.  The program will target current sponsors and vendors but will also grow to incorporate and promote new companies to join our cause either through being a sponsor, vendor, or member.


  • Two (2) of the same items will be donated from manufacturers to be advertised on the designated Vendor Showcase page of the OTOA website.
  • The advertisement or Showcase will run for a period of 30 days.
  • On the 20th of each month, an Active OTOA Member will be chosen at random to win one (1) the showcased product.
  • The second item will be added to one of the OTOA training trailers to be used, advertised, and promoted to those attending trainings across the state and regions.

Areas of Focus



Proposal / Presentation

The OTOA Project Manager Chris Johnson will solicit via email, phone, or in person to have manufactures donate product to the program.

Other OTOA Staff are welcome to advertise and solicit the program as well but Chris Johnson must be kept in the loop for he is the only person receiving the products.


All items will be shipped to:

Ohio Tactical Officers Association

Vendor Show Case

12650 Detroit Ave.

Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Once product is received the Marketing Director will document it.


The Vendor showcase will run for a period of 30 days.

The advertising will take place on the designated page of the OTOA website as well as on the OTOA Facebook Page and other social media if applicable.

Advertising to the membership will consist of making sure that the member profile section in the website is up to date.

Determining a Winner

Only those registered, as ACTIVE OTOA Members, are eligible to be awarded products.

OTOA Members are only eligible to win one (1) time in the calendar year.

This excludes any other raffles, drawings, or giveaways offered by the OTOA throughout the year such as at the OTOA Training Conference.

Selecting a Winner

Eligible winners will be selected on the 20th of each month.

The list of eligible winners (active members) be exported from our website.

We will then use a random number generator to choose a number that corresponds to our member’s ID number. 


The item being awarded will be shipped, at the OTOA’s expenses, to the mailing address provided by the winning OTOA Member.


The winner will be announced on the OTOA website as well as on the OTOA Facebook Page and other social media if applicable.


A follow-up will be performed with both the manufacturer who donated the item and the winner.

The manufacture will be advised of advertising returns, such as views, likes, shares etc. on the OTOA Facebook page.

The winner will be followed up to see if they have used the product, like the product, and if they would recommend the product.


If for whatever reason, the winner is not reachable by phone and/or email, another member will be selected to win that prize.

If the address given ends up returning the package to the OTOA, another member will be selected to win that prize.

If the winner does not wish to receive the product, due to any various reasons, they may submit in writing that the wish someone else be given, awarded, etc. the item.

Email inquiries to: showcase@otoa.org


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