Team One Network
620 Richards Ferry Road
Fredericksburg, VA 22406

Founded in 2003 by John T. Meyer Jr., Team One Network is committed to enhancing the capabilities and safety of law enforcement and military professionals through premier training and support services. As a veteran-owned small business, we prioritize the development of realistic, practical, and intense training courses, taught by a diverse team of nationally and internationally recognized instructors.

At Team One Network, we offer a variety of training programs categorized into several areas to meet the broad needs of our clients:

Armorer Certification Courses: Factory certified armorers training on behalf of the following manufacturers: Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Benelli, Ruger

Tactical Casualty Care: Prepares personnel to handle medical emergencies in tactical environments.

Executive Protection: Training for personal security and protective service roles.

Firearms Operator Courses: Comprehensive handling and operation techniques for different firearms.

Firearms Instructor Courses: Equip trainers with the skills to teach effective firearm usage.

Instructor Courses: General training for those aspiring to become instructors in specialized fields.

Officer Survival: Strategies and techniques to enhance officer safety in the line of duty.

Specialty Courses: Covers a wide range of specialized tactical training needs.

Supervisory & Leadership: Leadership development tailored for law enforcement.

Tactical Courses: Advanced courses designed for high-risk operational scenarios.

Concerned Citizen Workshops: Educational programs aimed at enhancing public safety awareness.

1st H.E.L.P. Workshops: Suicide prevention and awareness training for first responders

Our Public Safety Division also extends comprehensive support to manufacturers and clients within the public safety industry, promoting products essential for law enforcement and emergency services. This division facilitates effective marketing strategies and distribution channels that connect our partners with public safety organizations, dealers, and distributors across the Mid-Atlantic region.

At Team One Network, we are not just a training organization; we are a network dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation in the field of public safety and tactical operations.