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Immobileyes is launching HALAR™, The Only Tactical Flashlight with Optical Stun Mode.

How It Started: For over 25 years, our scientists have been at the forefront of providing the Air Force and Army with cutting-edge light and laser eye protection. Leveraging this expertise, we now create advanced optical technology tailored for military and law enforcement professionals.

Introducing HALAR™: our latest innovation designed for law enforcement. The patented HALAR Optical Stun Mode features strategically engineered flashing red and green lights at optimal brightness and frequency to induce maximum disorientation and distraction in suspects. With an additional 1200 lumens of powerful white light, HALAR™HALAR not only provides a high-quality everyday carry flashlight but also gives law enforcement a tactical advantage. to:

Enhanced Tactical Advantage
Equip yourself with HALAR™ and experience a new standard in tactical lighting technology.

  • Achieve Early Compliance
  • Establish Control in Critical Situations
  • Gain Precious Time to Act

HALAR™ has been developed in collaboration with military and police experts in the USA, ensuring that it meets the stringent requirements of its intended users. Safety is of paramount importance, and HALAR™ 's LED technology prioritizes user safety without compromising effectiveness. HALAR™ poses no risk of eye damage, even in cases of misuse or accidental exposure.