Ridgeline Defense
227 Miller Road
Dalton, NH 03598

Ridgeline is a consortium of companies created specifically to meet the training and material support needs of our Civilian, Law Enforcement, and Military clients. 

Founded in 2019, the Ridgeline Training Center located in Dalton, NH serves as the base of operations.  The Training Center itself is purpose-built to provide unique and challenging training opportunities such as Long-Range Precision Rifle shooting on our 1200-yard mountain wind course, or engaging dozens of steel and moving targets from our multi-story sniper tower, and even working pistol and carbine platforms in and around vehicles and CONEX street façade.  Our courses utilize infrastructure that just can’t be found at other shooting facilities in New England.  With over 400 pieces of steel, five moving target systems, pop up targets and more, we’ve invested heavily into the resources that add to the world-class instruction provided by our experienced and motivated staff.

The Ridgeline Defense Cadre is comprised of passionate and engaging instructors with over 100 years of Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations experience.  Specializing in Pistol, Carbine, Precision Rifle, Breaching, Sniper Operations, and Low Visibility Force Protection, the team has built programs of instruction based on proven tactics and real-world experience.  Our Mobile Training Team (MTT) can deliver our curriculum remotely, traveling to meet client needs whenever necessary.  Trusted to train some of the world’s finest Special Operators and Law Enforcement personnel, our instructors take immense pride in their work and the student experience.

Initially created to assist Law Enforcement Agencies in material acquisition, Ridgeline Outfitters continues to expand to fill the needs of all our clients.  Providing everything from firearms to night vision, body armor, lights, lasers, and accessories, we rely on our Industry relationships to curate a menu of products from only the best manufactures.  With our high volume of students providing a front row seat to the shortcomings of existing products, Ridgeline Outfitters is now setting its sights on delivering performance-enhancing solutions.  Products like the Ridgeline HOG Leash sling and DrOP Magazine mount have been specifically designed for the end user to solve the problems and challenges they have experienced with other products in real world applications.

While the facility continues to grow and change to meet the needs of our clients, Ridgeline’s core principles have remained the same:  deliver world class and innovative instruction, from proven cadre, at a facility that maximizes the clients learning and experience.  Learn more about our facility and staff below.