Kore Essentials
9520 Pathway Street
Santee, CA 92071

KORE Essentials is the Originator of the micro-adjustable, ratcheting gun belt, perfect solution for concealed carry, range training, competitive shooting, law enforcement and military personnel. What makes Kore belts so unique? A micro adjustable track system that’s sewn into the back of the belt that lets you adjust your belt - tighter or looser - in small ¼ inch increments, without ever unbuckling. The result - a perfect, secure fit all day, every day. 

Second all Kore Gun Belts feature our proprietary, Reinforced Power-Core™ center. This stiff yet flexible material serves as the belts foundation, providing total support to any firearm or equipment. Available in leather, tactical nylon or camo, in 1.5 inch edc, 1.75 inch range and 2.25 inch duty belt models. 

Whether you’re a 2nd amendment gun advocate, CCW permit holder, concealed carry enthusiast, outdoorsmen, hunter, security professional, competitive shooter, law enforcement or even military - Kore has the perfect gun belt for you. Because at Kore we understand when you carry a firearm for work or personal protection - adjustability, support and comfort are paramount.