Advanced Firearms for the Plain Clothes & Task Force Officer (16 Hours) September 2 - 3, 2021

basic conceal carry 1000x658Advanced Firearms for the Plain Clothes & Task Force Officer

September 2 - 3, 2021

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Xenia Police Department Range

The OTOA is delighted to announce another exclusive training course for police professionals, military and armed security officers interested in improving handguns skills.

This firearms course is a comprehensive, two-day advanced pistol training day with practical applications through live-fire exercises.

This course is conducted by credentialed and experienced OTOA trainers. All OTOA training staff are tenured police professionals with specific expertise in mentoring and coaching shooters of all levels of experience with firearms.

This course does NOT involve any classroom, only range time

Course description: LEO’s assigned to plainclothes and task force units go from patrol units to specialized units and are expected to “conceal a firearm”.  

Carrying a firearm while off-duty provides similar challenges. Agencies require the annual firearms “qualification” and very often, no “training”.

The Advanced Firearms for the Plain Clothes and Task Force Officer training course will provide contemporary insights into equipment selection, advanced firearms training, Combatives, and the OTOA principles for winning an armed engagement.

Topics and disciplines covered

  • Equipment selection and considerations
  • Draws and presentations from concealment
  • Target focused sighted live fire
  • Movement
  • Decision-making – Multiple Threats
  • Reloads: Combat & Tactical
  • Combatives
  • Use of Edged Weapons
  • Tradecraft and concealment methods when working plain clothes

Intended Audience - This is NOT a basic firearms course

  • Officers that carry a firearm off-duty
  • Firearms instructors
  • Qualification Officers
  • Task Force and Plain Clothes Officers
  • Those interested in a challenge and improvement

Required Equipment – Student Supplied:

  • 750 rounds of factory pistol ammunition – NO RELOADS - NO STEEL CORE
  • Duty or Individual owned pistol with a minimum of 3 magazines
  • Sturdy pants belt capable of holding a magazine pouch and concealment holster
  • Concealed holster (*see criteria below)
    (SORRY - No Serpa, shoulder/ ankle holsters)
  • Cover garment – button-down shirt, jacket, sweatshirt, etc.
  • Wear the clothing you would wear while carrying off-duty or working in a plainclothes capacity
  • Wrap around Eye Protection
  • Ear protection (electronic preferred)
  • Baseball style hat / billed cap
  • Food / Water - No meals provided
  • Seasonal weather gear/rain gear - dress for the weather
  • Note-taking material
  • Cleaning kit and lubrication

*Concealment holster criteria

  • Capable of holstering without the use of the support hand
  • Concealment holsters that retain an open cavity AFTER the firearm is removed.
    (If you must hold the holster open to replace the firearm – time to throw it in the garbage.)

COST: $250

Course limited to 24 students.

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Contact OTOA Training Manager - Jim Hardman: or (937) 219-8784


Start Date 09-02-2021 8:00 am
End Date 09-03-2021 5:00 pm
Capacity 24
Registered 5
Open Seats Remaining 19
Last Day to Register 09-02-2021 8:00 am
Individual Price $250.00
Speaker OTOA Red Team Training Team
Number Hours 8
Location Xenia Police Department Range

We are no longer accepting registration for this event