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The Ohio Tactical Officers are partnered with the Ohio Schools Counsel to provide life-saving services .

Set your team up for success

Civilian Training

Train with confidence

The Ohio Tactical Officers are comprised of current and recently retired law enforcement and military professionals that possess the real world expertise in contemporary response and mitigation strategies.

Take advantage of the statewide networking and collaborative capabilities of subject matter experts that the Ohio Tactical Officers can provide.

Equip your staff with more than a theory. Provide staff with the knowledge, tools and skillsets to separate the innocents from the ones intent on chaos.

Services and Capabilities

Site Security & Vulnerabilities Assessment

A comprehensive, on-site analysis of vulnerabilities, conducted by those tasked with responding to and investigating security breaches can be the difference between success and catastrophic failure.

Active Threat Training
Self Aid- Buddy Aid / Tourniquet and Bleeding Control
Security Officer Training
Crisis Response Training
Advanced Training for the SRO
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