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This page contains general information for the OTOA Regional Representative

The mission of the Regional Representative is to further the goals & objectives of the OTOA.

The annual training conference is the mechanism that the OTOA will utilize to market the value of the association and membership.

The annual training conference will include a one- year OTOA membership with every conference registration.

The year round OTOA member benefit will include OTOA member pricing for non-conference training events.

Example: The annual conference at $299.99 will include the OTOA membership valued at $30.00.
Training events throughout the year (non-conference training) will be adveraised with "OTOA Member" and "Non OTOA Member" pricing.
The non member pricing will be a standard $100 increase from the member pricing. 

Example #1: John Doe is a current OTOA member and the course will be $79.00

Example #2: John Doe is NOT an OTOA member and the course will cost him $179.00. John Doe can purchase a membership for $30 and the OTOA member price of $79.00 will be available to him. This course will cost him $109.00 although he will now be able to obtain OTOA member pricing as long as his membership is current.

Example #3: John Doe is not an OTOA member and elects to no become a member. John will pay $179.00 for the training course.


The following are the primary duties and responsibilities of the OTOA Regional Representative and shared with the OTOA County Representative:

1. Develop a written roster of all SWAT/SRT/TACTICAL Teams withim the region. Roster to include the contact information for a primary contact to include - full name, position within the team, email and cell phone number. Obtain at least one secondary contact person and include similar information for the roster.

2. Conduct an annual review of the written roster of all SWAT/SRT/TACTICAL Teams within the region.

3. Develop a written roster of all police agencies and Sheriff's offices with the region. Roster to include full name of the agency, primary contact within the agency that handles training. If no representative is assigned to handle training, a suitable individual within the agency that is willing to distribute training info to the agency personnel.

4. Develop a roster of all correctional institutions, private companies that employ armed and unarmed security personnel and/or any other relative entities with the region that can benefit from OTOA training services.

5. A comprehensive list of US Military installations that encompass millitary police and non-military police units.


Having a comprehensive roster of potential agencies and personnel that the OTOA can serve will enhance our abilities to both provide services to protect and save lives and also increase attendacne at the annual training conference.

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