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Black Cloud Operations has been looming in the darkness for a number of years now. After spending 25+ years in the service of tactical training and LEO operations I have brought together some of the key professionals that have the same goals I have. Our drive to make the American LEO and dedicated American citizens safer and more effective as a times grow more dangerous. Our Staff includes current and former LEO professionals covering a wide spectrum of tactical operations, firearms, planning, and joint and large scale operational leadership capabilities. Many have played key leadership roles with one another. Black Cloud Operations will bring that to you now. We are committed to make you better and work with you to make that happen.

Additional Services Offered By Black Cloud Operations:
As a subsidiary of ST Customs we are an Authorized Dealer of the following:
Hoffner Knives and Apparel
Tactical Electronics
Sage Ordnance Group products

Special Event Threat Planning, drills and evaluations are available at your request, 6-8 week minimum lead time required. Contact Sam if there are an special requests or questions



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