May 25th – May 28th. (Mon- Thur)

Hamilton PD Range.   

5655  Headgates Rd,  Hamilton Ohio 45011

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SWAT Training Track
Hostage Rescue: Advanced Tactics Planning & Considerations (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
Barricade Subject Tactics (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
High Risk Warrant Service (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
Executive Protection (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
Covert Lock Picking (8 hours) Offered on Wednesday & Thursday

 Instructor Armorer & Certification Track
FNH FN 303 (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
AMTEC FSDD / Less Lethal (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
ASP Tactical Baton Instructor (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
ASP Tactical Flashlight Instructor (8 hours) Monday Only Class
Scoped Rifle Armorer Certification (8 hours) Monday Only Class
AR-15/ M16 Armorer Certification (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
Glock Armorer Certification (8 hours) Thursday Only Class
Benneli or Remington Shotgun Armorer Certification (8 hours) Wednesday Only Class
Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) Instructor Course (8 hoursy) Offered on Wednesday & Thursday
Smith and Wesson M&P Armorer (8 hours) Monday Only Class
Safariland Less- Lethal Munitions & FSDD & Chemical Munitions Instructor Certification (24 hours) Monday, Wed & Thursday Class
CTS FSDD Inst. Certification (8 hours) Monday Only Class
Below 100 Instructor (8 hours) Thursday Only Class
Shoot House Instructor (24 hours) Monday, Wed & Thursday Class
Pepper Ball Instructor & Armorer Certification (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
Ballistic Breaching Instructor Certification Course (16 Hours) Wed & Thursday Class
Point Blank - Ballistic Shield Instructor Certification Course(8 Hours) Wednesday Only Class
Simunition Certification Course (16 Hours) Wed & Thursday Class
SAGE Impact Munitions Instructor Certification Course (8Hours) Wednesday Only Class

Tactical Patrol Skills Track
Patrol CQB: Fighting in and Around Vehicles – Steve Fisher (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
Patrol Carbine – Mike Pannone (8 hours) Offered on Wednesday & Thursday
Fighting from Concealment – Matt Jacques (8 hours) Offered on Wednesday & Thursday
MACTAC: Multi- Assault Counter Terrorist Action Capability (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
Pistol Performance Diagnostics Chris Cerino (8 hours) Offered on Wednesday & Thursday
Self- Aid Buddy Aid (4 hours)
Single Officer Response to Active Threats (8 hours)
Designated Marksman – Center Mass (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
Tactical Tracking - (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
Carbine Vitals I & II - (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
Mobile Field Force / Riot Control Training Course (16 Hours) Wed & Thursday Class
CQB COmbatives (8 hours) Wednesday Only

 Sniper Track
Advanced Sniper: Improvised Shooting Platforms – Jim Gilliand (8 hours) Offered on Wednesday & Thursday
Intermediate Sniper: Elevated Platform and Movers – Jarod Johnson (8 hours) Offered on Wednesday & Thursday

 Tactical Leaders Track
Patrol Supervisor Response to Critical Incidents (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
NTOA Command Level II (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
Tactical Leader Lessons Learned (16 hours) Wed & Thursday Class
The Bulletproof Mind: Mental Preparation for the Tactically Minded Police Officer (8 Hours) Wednesday Only Class

Canine Training Track
Advanced K9 Building Search Operations (8 Hours) Wednesday Only
Detection Course for Narcotic and Explosive K9 Teams (8 Hours) Thursday Only
Tactical K-9 Applications Course (16 Hours) Wed & Thursday Class


The Ohio Tactical Officers Association (OTOA) is a nonprofit organization (501c6) providing training to the state of Ohio and its surrounding areas. The organization currently has over 1400 members across Ohio and neighboring states, and is led by a board of directors who strive to keep those members' needs in mind. OTOA membership has climbed steeply. In just one year, attendance at the annual conference has increased by nearly 30%. That is nearly 200 more officers taking the initiative to learn new skills and enhance those they already possess.

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