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Often times in the “Tactical” community breaching is considered an afterthought.  Most teams supply the “new guy” with the ram.  It’s thought of as heavy, cumbersome and archaic.  Some consider it a “starter” position within team.  At AGS we believe one of the cornerstones of an effective LE Special Operations Unit is its ability to reduce it’s time on target, and make entry into a variety of structures as quickly and safely as possible.  Breaching is a vital capability within your team and should be tasked to mature and experienced decision makers.

Our breaching course combines classroom lecture, hands on practice sessions, and practical scenario training that encompass the skills a Special Response Team member needs to be a productive breaching team member. This course stresses operational safety standards and protocol, breaching reconnaissance, identification of fortifications and recognition of locking mechanisms.  Students will practice a variety of breaching techniques to include, ramming doors, halligan bar applications, sledge hammers, the use of window keys for “rake and break/port and cover” techniques, thermal cutting, applications for a quickie saw, and shotgun breaching. Techniques in this course will also be performed during night time (low light) hours.

Cost: $695.00

*(Each student will receive a Broco 'Jimmy’, a personal tactical pry bar.  Retail value of $30.00)* 

Max Students: 16

Where: Muscatatuck Urban Training Complex (MUTC) 

    4230 E Administration Dr. Butlerville, IN 47223

Date(s): August 9th-11th 2017             


Holiday Inn Express (Approximately 22 miles from training venue)

249 Sandy Creek Dr

Seymour, IN  47274


Gov't Rate $83.00

Includes free breakfast and Internet

Base Barracks Housing - FREE

POC LaDonna Vaughn 317-247-3300 ext 41790

Tammy Adams 317-247-3300 ext 41792

Officer Quarters

$28/night (includes kitchen area, stove and fridge)

Upgrade $38/night (includes common area, microwave, fridge but no stove)

POC LaDonna Vaughn 317-247-3300 ext 41790

Tammy Adams 317-247-3300 ext 41792


The students are required to attend and participate in all classroom lectures, practical sessions, and scenario exercises.  If an emergency causes a student to miss a class segment(s), the student is responsible for making arrange¬ments with the course coordinator.  Upon successful completion of missed work, a certificate will be issued.

Equipment Needed:   Note Taking Materials

                                     Ballistic Breaching Shotgun (If you have one)

    10 Frangible Breaching Rounds

    Ram/Sledge/Halligan Tool(s)

    Rake and Break Tools (if issued)

    Range clothing/Long Sleeves

    Flashlight/Headlamp (extra batteries) 

    Tactical Equipment

•          -helmet (recommended)

•          -eye protection

•          -hearing protection

•          -gloves/long sleeves


  1. Additional Study materials will be supplied by AGS to each student on day one of the course.

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