R.A.N.T Strategies
1013 Bears Hill Road
Suite 225
Aberdeen, MD 21001

Maryland-based RANT Strategies is combining technical training for high-risk scenarios across multiple emergency response disciplines.

RANT Strategies’ instructors are all current law enforcement officers in special operations branches from one the busiest SWAT teams in the nation, sniper team leaders, K-9, aviation, major incident response teams and maritime units. They have extensive backgrounds in the fire and rescue industry as well, coming with experience from careers in the FDNY and Washington, DC Fire Departments.

The core group of RANT instructors were all teaching together at various points for different companies. They each felt they were being held back from implementing the type of training they wanted to be doing, especially with new-courses development. So, they rolled the dice and formed RANT Strategies.

Due to their various backgrounds, yet common-core focuses, the new company has its finger on the pulse of today’s public safety climate. They set out to adapt advanced training courses to challenge individuals and specialized teams to meet a higher level, while keeping it practical and relevant to reality and the capabilities of American law enforcement, medical and hazmat teams.

RANT delivers the standard NAEMT training courses such as bleeding control, tactical emergency casualty care and tactical combat casualty care. But they are known for proprietary courses such as the special emergency response team medic course, K-9 medical operator program, low-light / woodland tacical program, rappel master certification and tactical rope technican course and direct-threat engagement course.

The company says its biggest wins come when they complete a class and the participants approach the instructors to say they are taking the training back to their agencies to implement.