Squire Solutions
108 East 30th Street
New York, NY 10016

Squire is the next generation teammate: a digital assistant with a multi-layered user interface that utilizes data bursts for communications, controlling robots, and data synchronization across disparate systems.

Our enterprise-grade framework manifests through the deployment of workflow-specific Modules, which include a multimodal interface capability (e.g., voice, tactile inputs, etc.) to manage information requirements, command prompts and analytics, more broadly. Squire is the future of communication and collaboration at the edge and will drive unprecedented levels of efficiency by enabling seamless data synchronization across individuals, units or teams, other stakeholder groups, and any respective / disparate systems. Using data bursts, our system has changed how information is processed while hyper-enabling data flows across systems, for example with user-friendly consumption through the Squire Common Operating Picture or by routing follow-on data flows into adjacent systems (e.g., platform “XYZ” powered by Squire). Our technology eliminates life-threatening delays, ultimately revolutionizing information flow, redefining tactical operations, and saving lives!