OTOA ADVANCED SWAT SCHOOL - July 9 - 11, 2018 Montgomery County, Ohio

OTOA ADVANCED SWAT SCHOOL - July 9 - 11, 2018 Montgomery County, Ohio

OTOA ADVANCED SWAT SCHOOL - July 9 - 11, 2018 Montgomery County, Ohio

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$450.00 - NON-OTOA member pricing 

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Course Description:

The OTOA Advance SWAT class is a progression class from Basic SWAT with the OTOA. The Advance class will show emphasis on principles of OTOA CQB and touch on Hostage Rescue principles. The Firearms Day will be the steady progression of weapon flow and manipulation handling both the Primary and Secondary systems with emphasis on earning your shot to bring you and your team back home. The Advance SWAT class will also act as a refresher for Operators that have not had the chance to develop new tactics, techniques and principles.

Student Equioment Needs:

List of Equipment - MANDATORY
Tactical Ballistic armor with Level III or In conjunction plates with carrier and soft body armor
Ballistic Helmet
Primary Weapon System ( long gun) with four (4) mags minimum
Secondary Weapon System (pistol) with three (3) mags minimum
400 rounds For EACH weapon system - NO GREEN TIP or ARMOR PIERCING AMMO
Weapon mounted lights and/or handheld lights are mandatory and bring spare batteries
Gas Mask & Filter
ANY / ALL EQUIPMENT for a call out or SWAT / SRT activation
Eye Protection / Ear Protection
Simunition weapons /adaptors or UTM weapons or adaptors.
SIMS/UTM/Force on Force protective gear should be brought by student if available
100 rounds ammunition for Sim or UTM
Incliment Weather Gear
Bug Spray
Pen and notebook
Water and food
Optional Equipment
Breaching Equipment - Rams, pry tools, etc
Ballistic Shields

Mission - Priorities of Life

The OTOA does NOT teach one specific "tactic", we apply principles. Officers will be instructed that the specifics of the mission will drive the "tactic". Everything in the world of the “tactical minded” officer is built on principles; sound principles develop into good tactics. Our goal is to send our graduates back to your agency with the knowledge and foundation of the established principles of the OTOA and the NTOA.

The OTOA Advanced SWAT School develops upon the groundwork laid by the Basic SWAT School.
  • SWAT 
  • Patrol
  • Task Force Officer
  • Corrections
  • Any member of the military Active, Reserve or National Guard components
  • Agencies interested in enhancing their response capabilities

Students will refine fundamental tactics and techniques, including team movement and structure searches and advanced weapon handling concepts; and will be introduced to advanced shield, and breaching techniques. This is a hands-on course, with learning objective being met in the field.

The "Tactically Minded" First Responder
The OTOA Advanced SWAT school is open to ALL Law Enforcement, Corrections and Any member of the military Active, Reserve or National Guard components are able to attend.
We encourage agencies and officers interested in obtaining advanced life-saving training to register today.
The OTOA Advanced SWAT School is limited to twenty-four (24) students each session and typically sells out.
You DO NOT have to be assigned to a "SWAT" team to attend the OTOA Advanced SWAT School.
HOWEVER, you MUST have completed an OTOA or OPOTA Basic SWAT School.
All OTOA Approved training courses are administered by credentialed instructors with "real world" experience in all aspects of critical incident response. 


Start Date 07-09-2018 8:00 am
End Date 07-11-2018 6:00 pm
Capacity 24
Registered 11
Open Seats Remaining 13
Last Day to Register 07-06-2018 8:00 am
Individual Price $350.00
Speaker OTOA Training Cadre
Number Hours 30
Location Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Regional Range

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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