Sniper Team Leader
Sniper Team Leader
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2 Days

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The OTOA's Sniper Team Leader course is an advanced 2-day class geared explicitly toward sniper TLs and snipers looking to become sniper TLs. This course will cover sustainment, training, documentation, gear selection, and selling your sniper team's abilities for all missions. 

The course of instruction will cover the Police Sniper's mission, the selection process for potential snipers, training programs, and pre-planned ops planning. 

Class starts at 8:00 AM, and the training days are eight hours long.
Topics covered:
Sniper Team Leaders' Rolls and Responsibilities
Training and Documentation
Sniper selection process
Pre-planned ops planning/Google Earth pro
Equipment needs:
A laptop with Google Earth Pro must be downloaded before class on Monday.  (It is a free download.)
Note-taking material
All sniper equipment, precision rifle/1 moa capable (must be zeroed before class) *100 rounds of match-grade ammunition. *(You may not shoot 100 rounds of ammo in this course. We estimated on the high side)
Tripod with shooting rest

You must have attended a Basic Sniper school; this is an advanced class geared explicitly toward sniper TLs and snipers looking to become sniper TLs.

Lodging, Travel and Food:

The course cost does not include ammunition, lodging, transportation, and food.

  • Attendees are responsible for their ammunition, lodging, transportation, and food.

Any tactic, technique, or technology covered at any OTOA advanced training or annual training conference MUST be applied in compliance with the United States Constitution, the Ohio Revised Code, and the rules and regulations of an attendee’s employing law enforcement agency.