Ryan Morgan
Ryan Morgan

Ryan Morgan


Ryan Morgan Bio

OTOA Red Team Cadre since 2023.

Sergeant with the Middletown Police Department with over 17 years' experience, assigned as a Road Patrol supervisor and the Commander of the Middletown Police SWAT Team.

  • SWAT Commander 2023-Present
  • Patrol Supervisor 2022-Present
  • Detective 2018-2022
  • SWAT Operator 2011-2023
  • Patrol Officer/FTO/K9 Handler 2007-2018

Passion for seeking out training and knowledge to assist other officers in building skills to protect themselves and others.

  • Firearms Instructor
  • Less Lethal Impact Munitions, Chemical Munitions and Distraction Device Munitions Instructor
  • Active Threat Instructor
Upcoming advanced training courses Ryan Morgan is teaching